Out of Marine Algae
Year  :   2019
Category  :  product, material research
Graduation project in Form - Beckmans College of Design
A project that aims to find out how producing Agar from algae could be used in product design.
Agar is a jelly-like substance, obtained from edible red algae. By means of innumerable tests of materials I have sought to clarify these characteristics and thereby to discover new uses for Agar. My experiments have been influenced by the art of cookery with numerous tests devoted to regulating ingredients, mixtures, quantities and methods of drying the algae. 
The aim of the project is to present new forms of expression that develop from the natural Agar’s properties. Respect for the earth’s finite resources has been a central focus. I wanted to create something that can be used for as long as possible and that can be returned to the earth after use with a minimum influence on the cycle of nature. 
Based on these premises I have designed products for interior furnishing.
食用には、棒、糸、粉末の3つの状態で販売されているが、プロダクトに応用するにあたり、試行を繰り返し、利用しやすいシート状の寒天を生成した。 出来上がったシートは透過性があり、その生成過程でできる構造的模様が美しい。光を通すことでその美しさが際立つため、このプロジェクトにおいては照明のシェードに適応した。原料に寒天のみを使用した場合、製品として耐久性、耐火性等が十分ではないが、素材のもつ可能性を提示している。
Agar based lampshade
Potato starch based lampshade
Material test
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